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R-PAS Coding Solutions is a Course

R-PAS Coding Solutions

Starts Sep 27, 2019
7.0 credits

$225 Enroll

Full course description

Course Description

R-PAS Coding Solutions is an intermediate/advanced workshop designed to help R-PAS users develop coding proficiency. Beginning with key principles for R-PAS coding, those attending this workshop will learn to identify and address the major sources of coding errors and inconsistencies.

Course Outline

  • Introducing the general principles of R-PAS Coding and sources of coding inconsistency
  • Critical concepts for coding Location and Object Qualities (including defining important objects, identifying form demand, making reliable judgments about SR, and recognizing codable response objects)
  • What's In a Response (including run-on and this-or-that responses and response elements introduced in the CP)?
  • Ins and Outs of Dimensional Determinants and Shading
  • Nailing Down Movement and Form Determinants and Active v Passive Codes
  • Dynamics of Color Coding
  • Sorting Out Multiple Object Responses 
  • Going Beyond the Cookbook: Extrapolating FQ for Unlisted responses

  • Hardening "Soft" Distinctions Among Cognitive Codes 
  • COP, MAH, MOR, MAP, or even 3 out of 4? 
  • Confidently Coding ODL, AGC, & ABS
  • Coding Practice: What Have We Learned? 
  • What Else Have We Learned?
  • Questions and Comments

This course meets on Room TBD at Alliant International University San Diego Campus / 10455 Pomerado Road, CA 92131

All mental health professionals will receive seven (7) continuing education credits for the workshop. Full attendance is required. No partial credit will be awarded. Check your licensing state’s rules and regulations for more information regarding your continuing education requirements.

Course Instructor

Donald Viglione, Jr, PhD

Donald Viglione, Jr, PhD

Donald Viglione, Jr., Ph.D. is a Distinguished Professor at the California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant in San Diego. As a researcher, instructor, and practitioner, he has been working in the area of psychological assessment and testing for over 35 years. His current research focuses on the empirical validation of the Rorschach and the assessment of malingering, and he is a co-author of the IOP-29. He has more than 100 publications and regularly provides workshops to national and international audiences. For many years, he has conducted and supervised psychological and forensic evaluations. 

Full course description

Course Date:

September 27, 2019


9 AM - 5 PM

Course Type:

San Diego